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Low Humidity Systems

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Industries we serve


Applications For

PANIE can be used in rooms that are kept at low Humidity (ideally between 40-60%) with the temperature maintained at 25°C (77°F). Our equipment does not help in maintaining the temperature.

  • Blood Banks
  • Control Panel room of CT and MRI machines
  • Packing rooms of processed foods like Fruit Rolls, Soup Powders, Spices, Packaged Indian Sweets etc.
  • Store Room of Soap Powders (Unilever), Hydroscopic liquids like “Stickfast”, Welding Rod Stores (L&T),
  • Special Paint store (Godrej)
  • Labs where testing of Medical or Biological sensitive material is done, like a lot of Pharma labs, Quality test labs for aerospace material
  • Manufacturing setup (Welding) for Nuclear Reactors - L&T (Weld Quality improves under low RH)

Applications For

This product maintains Temperature + Low RH and can be applied as PANIE and additionally:

  • Negative Isolators
  • FBD or Fluidised Bed Driers are used to convert thick slurry to powder or wet powders to dry. It also increases the productivity of machines that do not have a dry air source i.e FBD’s working only on HOT air. Ideally, we can give dry and hot air with very low energy.
  • Coating Machines – Pharma Tablets and Sweets (Candy)
  • Human Spot Cooling for Paint Booths
  • Fruits Drying in Transtech in Pune
  • Spectacle Lens Coating
  • Fertilizer Manufacturing Areas Vanita Agro
  • Creel Rooms ATG Tires (Creel Room – Storage for the wire of radial tires)
  • Wielding Flux Stores for companies manufacturing pipes for Oil Rigs (Companies Supplied Ratnamai and Welspun)

Applications For

This product maintains 25 degree Celsius Temperature + 20% RH which corresponds to -5 degree Celsius dew point / 40 grains of moisture per pound of air.

It has been used at:

  • Ferrero Rocher for production of Tic Tacs
  • Effervescent tablet manufacturing at Scitech Nasik
  • Soft Capsule Manufacturing areas (Tropic Wellness Sikkim)
  • Silica Gel Manufacturing at Perfectsorb Baroda.
  • Tablet compression and granulation Cipla Goa.
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