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Comby Heat Pump Dryer

Substances that contain water can be dried in a number of ways. Most drying processes today use heated air to remove the moisture from the substances.

Heating the air requires energy. This is provided mostly by electricity, steam or hot water. Such heat processes are costly, may cause damage to heat sensitive materials and remove many other volatile substances that constitute the fragrance, flavor and the taste of the substance, effectively changing the properties of the substance.

A more efficient way of extracting water is by using vacuum. While this would avoid “Cooking”, it will still remove the volatiles.

AtVac drying, also called “Atmospheric Vacuum Drying”, is an innovative process that works at room temperature and pressure. The process removes only the water from the substance while leaving the volatile and essential substances intact. Our machine consumes 1 KW of energy and provides a combined drying effect equal to 10 KW of energy. The “Vacuum” in the system is formed by removing most of the water vapor from the air, thus creating a “Vapour Vacuum” in the drying chamber, at atmospheric pressure. The internal vapor pressure of the substance causes the internal moisture to flow out easily.


  • The machine works in two stages:
  • The first stage removes water until the moisture level is less than 6 grams per kilogram of dry air.
  • The second stage further extracts water to ensure that the leaving air has a moisture level of less than 2 grams per kilogram.
  • After the second stage is completed, the air is almost free of moisture, and therefore vapor vacuum is achieved.
  • Only the moisture is removed, while the substance’s fragrance and taste remains the same after drying.
  • The moist air of the room is recycled and the condensed water, being very pure, can be reused.
  • The machine recycles the heat and reuses it, effectively reducing the overall energy consumption.



  • Food Industry – Preserving perishable foods with refrigeration or preservatives
  • Pharma Industry – For coating of pharmaceuticals tablets
  • Fragrance Industry – Drying flowers before extracting their perfumes
  • To provide hot air supply to try dryers for energy-efficient drying
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