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Comby SubZero

Comby SubZero DX-Standalone Air-cooled – Low temperature, Low Humidity Air Conditioner
The Comby SubZero is a two-stage machine. The first stage cools the incoming air to near zero dew point. This helps in reducing the moisture load for the second stage, whose refrigeration circuit is modified to overcome the defrosting delay.

This unique patented design makes the Comby SubZero an extremely energy efficient device, since the energy supplied to the compressors is first used to cool and then to heat the air. It is also a compact standalone machine. Being air cooled, it does not require any water; in fact, it produces copious amounts of pure water as condensate that can further be
used for non-potable applications.

The Comby SubZero has been awarded the second prize in the BryAir Excellence in Product Design competition held in 2011-12.


  • Air is continuously supplied at sub-zero dew point
  • Air is reheated to 30°C without using external heaters
  • Safe operations since no chemical dehumidification is required
  • Suitable for continuous operation, 24×7
  • Precision control is available
  • Proven saving up to 60% energy
  • Can be supplied for open or closed loop operation


  • Reagent powders
  • Tablet coating
  • Soft Gelatin Capsule Manufacturing
  • Powder packing
  • Biological test chambers
2.Food Industry
  • Fruit / vegetable dehydration
  • Potato flake production
  • Milk powder packaging
  • Seed storage.
  • Optical lens production
  • Paper coating
  • Precision colour printing

Applications for COMBY SUBZERO

This product maintains 25 degree Celsius Temperature + 20% RH which corresponds to -5 degree Celsius dew point / 40 grains of moisture per pound of air.

It has been used at:

  • Ferrero Rocher for production of Tic Tacs
  • Recirculating Applications
  • Effervescent tablet manufacturing at Scitech Nasik
  • Soft Capsule Manufacturing areas (Tropic Wellness Sikkim)
  • Silica Gel Manufacturing at Perfectsorb Baroda.
  • Tablet compression and granulation Cipla Goa.
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