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The Comby is a highly energy-efficient, low humidity air conditioner that provides air at 4°C dew point so as to maintain a relative humidity less that 45% and at 22°C in the room. It also has a filter section capable of housing a Hepa filter and a fan that provides air at sufficient static pressure to overcome the system resistance.

All low humidity units must reheat the air in order for it to be at the required temperature at the supply.

The Comby achieves its efficiency by using return air to reheat the supply air. This is done by a series of interconnected coils that absorb heat from the return air, and bypasses the cooling coil to the supply air. The cooling is also more efficient because the air entering the coil is much cooler than the return air, thereby eliminating the need for external heaters.


  • Precision Control of Temperature and Humidity
  • Hybrid CHW/DX Model Available
  • Quick Achievement of Conditions on Start-up
  • Robust Construction Designed for 24/7 Operation
  • Highly Energy Efficient – Energy Savings of 40% or more as compared to conventional units
  • Available in AHU type/Package Type/Tower Type and Split Type constructions
  • Easy access for coil cleaning and servicing
  • All piping valves and controls are operable while the unit is running
  • Standalone System – Does not require chilled water/brine or external heaters


  • Pharmaceutical Production Areas
  • Storage Areas
  • Food / Hygroscopic Material Packaging areas
  • Reducing the RH in existing AHU
  • Operation Theaters in Hospitals
  • R&D Centres

Applications for COMBY

This product maintains Temperature + Low RH and can be applied as PANIE and additionally:

  • Negative Isolators
  • FBD or Fluidised Bed Driers are used to convert thick slurry to powder or wet powders to dry. It also increases the productivity of machines that do not have a dry air source i.e FBD’s working only on HOT air. Ideally, we can give dry and hot air with very low energy.
  • Coating Machines – Pharma Tablets and Sweets (Candy)
  • Human Spot Cooling for Paint Booths
  • Fruits Drying in Transtech in Pune
  • Spectacle Lens Coating
  • Fertilizer Manufacturing Areas Vanita Agro
  • Creel Rooms ATG Tires (Creel Room – Storage for the wire of radial tires)
  • Wielding Flux Stores for companies manufacturing pipes for Oil Rigs (Companies Supplied Ratnamai and Welspun)
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