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Panie® is a high-efficiency, portable dehumidifier that utilises patented technology. Room air is drawn in and pre-cooled by a heat exchanger, which is partially filled with liquid refrigerant. With the passage of air over the exchanger, the refrigerant boils and due to a change in state, it cools the room air. The air then moves across the main cooling coil, which cools the air to 4°C – dew point – and a blower pushes it back over the upper half of the heat exchanger. This 4°C air condenses the refrigerant and consequently heats up. Lastly, the condenser releases the heat and reduces the RH.


Portable dehumidifier
  • Capacity for high moisture removal
  • Uses a patented dual-pressure evaporator
  • At Least 35% more efficient than conventional dehumidifiers
  • Stand-alone, plug and use unit
  • Built-in tank and auto-draining feature
  • Complete stainless steel body conforming to GMP standards

Technical specifications

  • Power Supply – 220V / 50Hz, Single-phase
  • Coolant – R134a / R404
  • Filtration – 20 Microns
  • Compressor – Emerson / Danfoss / Equivalent


Particulars 0.75TR 1.0TR 1.5TR
Moisture Removal Capacity (at 30 °C & 90% RH) 2.5 Ltr / Hr (60 Ltr / Day) 3.33 Ltr / Hr (80 Ltr / Day) 5.0 Ltr / Hr (120 Ltr / Day)
Air circulation rate 400 CFM 400 CFM 600 CFM
Power Consumed


R134a 1.1 1.12 2.0
R404 1.5 1.9 2.8
Dimension (W x H x D) 21’’ x 21’’ x 34’’ 21’’ x 21’’ x 34’’ 26’’ x 24’’ x 48’’


The Panie 2.0TR model can be made-to-order on special requests


Applications for PANIE

  • PANIE can be used in rooms that are kept at low Humidity (ideally between 40-60%) with the temperature maintained at 25°C (77°F). Our equipment does not help in maintaining the temperature.
  • Blood Banks
  • Control Panel room of CT and MRI machines
  • Packing rooms of processed foods like Fruit Rolls, Soup Powders, Spices, Packaged Indian Sweets etc.
  • Store Room of Soap Powders (Unilever), Hydroscopic liquids like “Stickfast”, Welding Rod Stores (L&T),
  • Special Paint store (Godrej)
  • Labs where testing of Medical or Biological sensitive material is done, like a lot of Pharma labs, Quality test labs for aerospace material
  • Manufacturing setup (Welding) for Nuclear Reactors – L&T (Weld Quality improves under low RH)
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